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Free Employer Pack Launch

Sophie O'Sullivan, about 3 years ago

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new free resource pack for employers looking to hire people with a conviction.

Our handy pack includes:

1. Business Case

Reasons why it is good for your business.

2. Employer's Journey

Simple steps to follow, from the spark of an idea to recruitment.

3. Candidate's Journey

Insight into the different hurdles people face when reintegrating back into the community and the support available.

4. Points of Engagement

Look at the best way your business can engage with this cohort in prison and within the community.

5.Risk and Disclosure Guide

Understand the process.

6.Pitch: How to Sell it into Your Company

Get management on board.

7. Glossary of key terms

Useful and accessible.

8. Inspiring industry quotes

From businesses who have successfully hired from this talent pool.

These resources are designed to provide a snapshot of the hiring process, with signposts to further information. It is accessible to businesses of all sizes, across industries.

The pack can be downloaded on the 'knowledge' section on our website. Click here for a direct link.

Our rapidly changing employment landscape, including Brexit and the need to build back better following Covid-19, means employers need flexibility, diversity and loyalty. A skilled ex-offender workforce offers this and more.

92% of inclusive employers say that opening up their recruitment to include those with a conviction has enhanced their reputation.

In the uncertain times we find ourselves in, it is vital to support inclusive businesses who employ people with convictions.

We want this resource to benefit as many businesses as possible.

We invite our network to share the resource pack widely.