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Exceptional Women in the Workplace

Sophie O'Sullivan, about 12 months ago

This week, we're delighted to share the next episode of The Exceptional Voices podcast...

Exceptional Women in The Workplace

In Conversation with Working Chance

Working Chance is a pioneering employment charity set up to help women with criminal convictions find jobs that align with their skills and aspirations.

Since 2009, they have supported thousands of women into work across a range of sectors and opportunities- from specialist remote roles all the way through to apprenticeships and volunteering placements.

A recent report, Progress & Prejudice, published by the charity found that that the number of employers recruiting people with convictions has doubled since 2010.

This episode features employment expert Natasha Finlayson, Chief Executive of Working Chance, and looks at transformative potential of employment for women in the workplace.

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For employers looking to explore hiring from this talent pool, please do get in touch with us via to connect with Working Chance.

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