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Exceptional Voices Podcast

Sophie O'Sullivan, about 1 year ago

We are delighted to relaunch The Exceptionals Campaign with the release of a new podcast.

Introducing Exceptional Voices...

The Exceptional Voices Podcast shines a light on businesses that champion inclusive recruitment and hire people with lived experience of the criminal justice system.

It explores prison leaver employment across a range of commercial sectors, from the established to the unexpected.

Each conversation follows the employer's journey, from initial interest all the way through to a successful hire, as well as the meaningful relationships built by the experience.

A recent report by Sodexo found that early two thirds (61%) of British Businesses will be hiring prison leavers by 2023.

We hope that this podcast will inspire more employers to consider hiring from this talent pool, creating richer, more inclusive work environments for everyone.

The first two episodes are available to listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

For any employers inspired by the stories shared on the podcast and wanting to take the first steps towards more inclusive hiring practices, please do get in touch with us via or through LinkedIn.

Episode One: Diversity in the Workplace

"As a global platform leading the way we're having conversations as professionals, we encourage businesses to be open: to talk about diversity and inclusion from a prison leaver perspective and to inspire other companies to do the same."

-Zara Easton, Head of Brand Marketing UK, LinkedIn

This special episode for National Inclusion Week 2022, recorded at The Conduit in Covent Garden, is about diversity and inclusion in the workplace from a prison leaver perspective.

Featured employers include: LinkedIn, COOK Trading Ltd and Fat Beehive.

Episode Two: Doing the Right Thing

"People with lived experience have excellent skills and experience to offer to Pret and other employers. They tend to stay in jobs longer, support us in filling skills gaps and bring an excellent work ethic."

-Daksha Stancilas, Talent and Development Partner, Pret

Pret believes that employment is part of the solution to homelessness and reducing reoffending, which is why they developed The Rising Stars Programme, offering jobs and training in local Pret shops.

In this episode, The Exceptionals Team are live from Pret HQ in London Victoria to learn more about their pioneering approach to diverse recruitment.